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Comprehensive Solutions in Challenging Environments.

Project Delivery Partners International (PDPI) is the premier provider of comprehensive solutions in challenging environments. As part of a large regional provider partner network within the Middle East and Africa, PDPI serves international clients and governmental organizations with unparallelled project delivery services driven by differentiation, value creation, and operational excellence.



Resources You Need with Agility and Speed.

Our exclusive network of veteran providers are seasoned experts in procuring necessary resources in challenging environments. 



Learn more about Project Delivery Partners, the decades of experience our team has, and the international clients we have successfully completed projects for  in even the most challenging environments. 

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what we do

Find out how Project Delivery Partners provides more differentiation, value, and operational excellence to your project and delivers your projects on-time and on- budget -- in even the most remote locations.

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global operations

We at Project Delivery Partners value our relationships and have spent an extensive amount of time building a large network of regional partners to drive better results and create more value in your projects.

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